The Triangle of Web Design

Are you looking for good web design that is reasonably prices while getting done a reasonable amount of time? Well look no further you have found it Smart Bomb Enterprises does just that. We produce quality web sites at a reasonable price while getting the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Take a few moments and review our portfolio of web sites.

This is what is known as the triangle of design, that triangle is Price, Speed and Quality. When all three are in balance you get a quality product in a reasonable amount of time at a fair price. Now for the kicker many people do not think about what happens if you sacrifice one of these triangle sides.


Suppose you need a web site in a hurry, well you can have it done in a hurry and still get quality but the price goes up, now if you do not want to pay the price but still want it in a hurry then you will lose quality. There is no room for give if you try to sacrifice one of the sides.

Now suppose your problem is that you need a web site cheep so you sacrifice the price side of the triangle. Now you will get it allot slower as your project will be on that back burner since it profit margin is slimmer than other projects that come in the door. But again you can still get it in a hurry but the quality will suffer.
So as you can see you need to be patient getting your web site done unless you are prepared to throw lots of money at it. Never try to get a job on the cheap or done in a hurry as you will always suffer in the quality department. It is best to find a balance of all three and get a job done that will not only satisfy you but your end user after all isn’t that who you’re really having the web site built for.

The final thing you need to remember with your web site is hosting, many people having a website done forget to put this into the equation. You need to think about the hosting you are going to have your site placed on. Are you planning to use a free service or a service provided by your ISP? If you do plan something like this again you will need to think about the triangle since it applies to many products and services.

Make sure your hosting provider can handle what you are having built. Here at Smart Bomb we make sure if you’re not planning on using our hosting services (which by the way are very affordable starting at $4.95/mo CAD) we make sure what we are doing for you will work on your provider.