Ways to Increase Page Views and get Targeted Traffic to Stay on Your Site

By Michelle Jayes

You cannot build a successful internet based home business unless you are able to get targeted traffic to visit your website and stay on it long enough so that you can get your message across and act on it.

A websites’ level of success is related to the number of page views it gets each day. Page views are generated by unique visitors who surf onto your site and check it out in order to find the answer to information they are looking for on how to do something.

Enticing visitors to click through the pages of your website is a great way to keep them there and the more time they spend the more likely it is that they will get your message and take some action.

There are four easy steps you can use to increase page views:

1. Use proper highlighting and formatting.

The style and appearance of your site is very important. If your website has great sections of hard to digest text, people will surf away as quickly as they got there.

You can increase the length of time they spend on your site by highlighting all the keywords and phrases. White space is not something that you need to worry about as generally, highlighted text that has white space around it is more attractive to the human eye and makes for easier reading and scanning of the page.

2. Put a site map and article teasers onto your main page:

A site map makes it easier for visitors or search engines to navigate your website.

You can also increase page views by placing excerpts or teasers from other pages of your site onto your homepage and link each teaser to the relevant page. This will help to encourage visitors to click through to the next page. It is also an excellent idea to provide a site map to make it easier for people as well as search engine spiders to navigate your site.

3. Unique well written content is crucial to getting visitors to stay:

People are hungry for good quality information and this is one of their main motives for surfing the internet. Content is king when it comes to the internet more so than anywhere else. If your site is able to give them the information they require, they will be more than willing to check it out and more likely to bookmark your site for return visits and recommend it to other people. Your content is also more likely to get picked up by the search engines which will dramatically increase the number of people who visit your website.

4. Keep the copy short and simple

When it comes to website copy, short and simple is best. Give the information in short concise easy to read paragraphs. People have short attention spans on the internet. No one will read a thousand word articles. People generally tend to scan articles rather than read them. They will only read an article from start to finish if the style and content are so good that they can’t help but read everything.

Above are the four steps that you will need to implement in order to increase your page views and get people to stay on your website long enough to get your message across.

Michelle Jayes is a home based business owner who lives in Johannesburg South Africa. Her website is aimed at finding viable internet marketing ideas that include a FREE website setup and a thirty days training course. You can learn more at http:www.Online-Income-Business.com
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