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As the popularity of weblogs increase so does the demand for efficient content management systems. Blogs as a web site platform have become popular due to their easy to manage interfaces and personalized looks. This system is better defined as a personal publishing platform.

Today, blogs are used for may purposes and not only as a personal publishing tool. Weblogs are being used to promote businesses, services and products. Depending on your blog's theme, you will need a certain set of tool from your hosting company.

WordPress has two main areas which are referred to as the user or public area and the admin area. The public area is where the final product and information can be accessed and the admin area provides special tools for administration purposes. Just like other CMS blogs can generate pages and posts dynamically to be shown to the visitor upon request (the click action).

The requirements to run this blogging system is not that extensive. The platform is designed to be compatible with most hosting services who offer PHP and MySQL databases. Of course some hosting providers offer improved solutions and alternatives to make webmaster's use of time more efficient.

Following WordPress installation procedure, the entire platform should be installed and ready to be customized within just 5 minutes after providing the right information available through the hosting administration area but as many will agree, a 10 second installation sure beats a 5 min. one, and that ‘s exactly what hosting companies are offering to those webmasters and social people who wish to publish their thoughts throughout the world.

When choosing the right hosting provider, bloggers need to take in consideration all the ‘specialized features' offered to publishers on this niche platform, blogging. The main factors to consider are: technical support, one click WordPress installation, WordPress themes availability through the hosting admin interface, blog optimized servers, blog tutorials, disk space as well as bandwidth.

Since blogs tend to be “viral” in nature, it is always important to constantly check traffic statistics which may change after every post or publication. WordPress has an automatic ping system which informs social sites that your blog has been updated, thus increasing your readers and subscriptions.

Whether you want to publish your thoughts or promote a product/service, blogs are one of the best CMS tools available to webmasters which will improve the time spent on text formatting and aesthetics through a properly hosted and managed environment.

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