Website Design – Identify Your Target Audience

By Grace Alexa

Creative designs can attract a web visitor, but it cannot cast any major influence on the buying decision of the web visitor because the website has failed to address the target audience. So before a website designer decides to start working on a particular website design they need to analyse about the potential target audience are and to whom they are trying to communicate through this website?

It is obvious that you are creating a website to register your web presence and you intend to attract web visitors to know about your services. So it becomes your responsibility to make the visitor understand what your website design is trying to convey to them and what is it all about?

After finding the group of people who are likely to visit your website the next important phase for the web designer is to define the remaining part of your website development. Like who will read your contents? which graphics and sounds will be appreciated? what keywords will bring you more visitors and all? Once you identify your target audience it is really important to understand that you cannot communicate with everyone around, which means if you are targeting a woman then it will not be useful for the men to read through your webpage’s.

So web designer should wait to analyse the pros and cons of particular web design initiative. It does not matter what kind of website a website designer envisions but they can determine their audience. So it’s important to design a website which communicates with the beginners.

Website design gains momentum if it is interactive. Interactivity is possible only when you reach out to your target audience in reality to understand their views and their needs. So interviews or surveys some of your target audience will help you to pick the insights. This lessens the issues or errors in the final project. Remember the end user to finally approves your web design is the person with whom you are trying to communicate, not the person who is paying you.

Marketing segmentation which helps you to arrive in desired website design is:

  1. Age group: Define clearly to whom you are intending to present your products or services.
  2. Education: Whether you are aiming at school children or college going student or professional, their educational background will help you to come into the conclusion about the lucidity of the language to be used during website design.
  3. Technical knowledge: If you are dealing with some technological services then analyse which type of technical knowledge your end users possess as this will help you to analyse about their strengths and abilities.
  4. Graphical orientation: Judging the taste of the customers will help you to arrive into the correct graphical orientation to drive sales to your website.

So when the web developer clearly outlines all these aspects of website design by studying the target audience all other things become easier. Like the screen resolution, graphics format, fast load times, language etc.

So by understanding the needs of the target audience it becomes relatively easy for the website designer to solve many questions that come up during web design.

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