What Are Joomla Modules?

By Jared Runcorn

Modules are extensions of the Joomla basics that give it more functionality. They usually consist of content that can to be placed anywhere on the website. These items can be anything from hit counters to polls.

These components provide more functionality to the software by means of small content items. They are not large content items like a majority of the components available; they are usually just small widget type applications that can be added to any website.

Featured Article components are available. These help you to draw attention to a favorite article located on your website just by adding the articles name in a simple module. Clock items are available so you can add a simple clock to website. Or how about a mini mp3 player? These are available that will allow you to play mp3s on your website.

These components are simple items that require little memory or storage space. They are not complicated written programs that enable you to do countless things on your website. They are small and simple. They can be placed anywhere.

You can find literally hundreds, if not thousands, of these popular attributes available that are Joomla compatible. They are usually free to download and are widely available. If you would like a neat little gadget to spice up your website, it is probably available. If not, this is an open-faced content management system and this means that programs, modules and the alike can be written to correlate with the software to provide more functionality to the core components.

Joomla is the most popular content management system on today's market and its popularity increases every day. Because of this, it is here to stay; you can expect to have support for the software itself as well as the components and modules.

Joomla even offers a help desk for your assistance. It helps you to learn how to navigate and operate your modules, as well as to control them and keep count of how many you have. The number of items that you can use on your website is limitless and keeping track of all the embedded codes that allow the items to function properly and to be displayed can prove to be a headache. It is advisable that you learn how to keep track, use and recognize the modules so that you won't get lost in all of the chaos.

You will find that these components can be fun and exciting. They can spice up your website. They can be useful tools that will allow you to be more organized or even to draw attention to that special part of your website that you don't anyone to overlook. So, check out all of the available options that you have when it comes to Joomla components and take advantage of these neat little gadgets. Turn your website from boring and dull to fun and exciting. Your visitors will be looking to see what is coming next!

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