What is a URL? And How Important is a URL?

Author: Brian Horwitz

There are millions of people online everyday globally. If you own a business and have not made the decision to have some sort of online presence, you are a fool. It's time to get in the game! The first step in this new adventure is to choose the URL.

URL technically stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A physical business has a street name and number, and on the Internet your URL is your web address. You are able to customize what is between the “www” and the “.com,” but the entire link represents your URL.

So is this URL thing really that big of a deal? There are three possible answers to this question… “yes”, “Yes”, and “YES”. This decision is a very big deal for you and your business online. Basically, your URL is the first step in branding yourself or your company online.

A few simple tips to keep in mind when you are brainstorming for your URL:

1) Keep it short, simple and easy to remember (avoid long hyphenated URL's) 2) Stick with a .com URL 3) Protect your “brand” by simply buying up .net, .info, .biz, etc. of your URL so that you are the only one with that particular URL

Before you get too excited about a creative URL you must make sure it's not already taken. There are a few ways to check. The first way is to type your idea into the Internet browser. If a website pops up you know that URL is taken, but if you see the words “Address Not Found,” you have yourself a winner. A more efficient way to search for URL's is to use an Internet domain registrar, such as www.godaddy.com

Just remember, the URL is not something that should be decided in a few short minutes. Be sure to do some research, share your ideas with friends or family and never settle. This is a very important business decision.

About the Author:

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