When the Net Gives You SPAM Create Bad Poetry…

dragon eats the worldSo what to do with all that spam? Well from time to time I use the headlines from it to create some really bad poetry. Occasionally it is even funny not today though it kinda bla. but check back from time to time sometimes the right combination of spam arrives that just fits together in a funny way.

Don Juan swallows 1 beforenight
Your account has been temporarily limited
No Experience Required.
SEO Consulting Firm: Increasing Your Business Prospects
Important Information from Capital One
Buy Him or Her that Luxury Watch, Handbag, or Jewelry for a Fantastic Price
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Phentermin37,5, Hydrocodone, Vicodin ES, Codeine, Ambiem, Xanas, Valiun
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Lawsuit Information Update
Tires, Tires, Tires… Get the new tires already!
Because they'e FREE, these cell phones are even better.
Fly on your time. Private jets.

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