Who Needs the Best Web Hosting, Anyway?

By Mitchell Allen

Why do you think you need the best web hosting? What do advertisers want you to think of while you are considering first-class hosting services? What do you really want? If you are confused, this article will show you how to ask the right questions. And why.

Best web hosting means different things, depending on whether you are trying to save money, make money, store files securely, host a community website, provide a video download service or almost anything else that is related to “being on the web.” It is possible that you already know exactly what you want in a web hosting service. You can visit individual providers' sites. This is ideal, if you understand the language of web hosting and are able to compare different companies objectively, based on criteria that is relevant to your needs.You could also ask Google, Bing or any other search engine. However, search engines don't give up their secrets easily! You must learn to ask the question behind the question of “What is the best web hosting service?”

The question you must ask is, “Who knows where I can find the best web hosting service?” Now, don't put that into the search engine. Instead, think about it yourself. Don't you generally seek the opinions of other people using products and services that you may be interested in? It's no secret that social proof is exploited by marketers, so watch out for fallible conformity. You want to examine the knowledge base that can be found in large community-driven websites, such as forums dedicated to Internet issues.

So, type Web Hosting Forums into your search engine! Visit the top two or three forums listed. Some forums are more appropriate than others, but you can learn something at all of them. If you are serious about doing research, take the time to register at the forum of your choice. Read all you can and, by all means, do ask that burning question right in the forum's search box!

Within these forums, not only can you get better, more relevant answers to questions, you'll have a chance to find out what really matters when choosing a provider.

So there you have it. You now know where to go to ask your hosting questions. Just search for the appropriate forum, pick one to join and start doing your homework.

Learn all you can and make an informed decision!

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