Why Choose WordPress Blog Platform?

 By Anderson Goncalves

In this article I am going to talk a little about the WordPress Blog Platform, its main features, advantages and benefits. WordPress has proven to be one blog platform that came to stay and compete with big blog services like Blogger from Google. Unlike most blog services provided by big online blog providers, WordPress is open source and offers flexibility, personalization and security since it can be hosted on your own web host and you don't have to worry about waking up the morning logon your blog and see some message like “Your Account Has Been Suspended / Deleted” without any notice and all the content gone, certainly one of the worst things that could happen to an internet marketer. WordPress allows you to customize your blog according to your niche, product or service, using tens of applications, themes and plug-ins available with what you can create whatever you imagine.

When choosing a WordPress theme there is one very important issue to be considered, if you are going to use a free or a premium one. It's quite easy to find a lot of free themes by simply Googling “free WordPress themes” and adding some more keywords according to what you'd like to find. Free themes can be good but sometimes you have to be cautious about hidden traps; the problem with free themes is that many times they do not offer a good quality of coding, several built-in advertising, lack of support and it is not unique, you can usually check how many times a theme has been downloaded beside the download button.

Otherwise, Premium themes can be excellent and definitely worth the money when you can rely on a technical support and have a layout designed specially for you and suitable to your purpose. After choosing and implementing your theme, the next step is to add some plug-ins that will be useful for you depending on what you intend to post on your blog, this is totally customizable and you can check and download some indispensable plug-ins at the WordPress web site.

That said, if you are serious about your blogging you should consider using WordPress along with a premium theme, you will have better support, customization, uniqueness and no ads. WordPress functionalities can be easily customized using plug-ins that allows you to add extra services and to interact with your visitors; they will eventually help you to manage your blog better.

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