WordPress 2.9 is here and Looking Good

Well I noticed yesterday when I logged into my blog that WordPress 2.9 has arrived and with the usual trepidation I went ahead and did the upgrade, of course I made my proper backups of my database first incase it failed or some other calamity happened to it during the process.

I really did not expect any issues mainly because of all the programs out there WordPress seems to have the simplest and quickest upgrades going. I do sort of miss the message at the end that used to say “all done now what you were expecting more”. I must say that doing an update with WordPress is usually one of the most painless programs for updates.

So the important part is how all my plug-ins faired, well it looks like they are all working fine. I did the upgrade and have checked all my plug-ins and they seem to have no issues. If you would like to see the plug-ins I run on this site please see my plug-in listing page. And after the update is seems that all of my plug-ins are still up to date and current so I can’t report yet on the usefulness of the promised new plug-in updater.

So I would say based on my experience go ahead and do your upgrade but be sure to make a backup of your site first because you never know what will happen.