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WordPress Plug-ins from A to Z Podcast Episode 13 N for Next Gen Photo Gallery

It's on the WallYes, it’s another WordPress plug-ins podcast, today I am covering the letter N for NextGen photo gallery. This is a pretty flexible Photo Gallery to use instead of the standard photo upload section of WordPress. The NextGen Gallery offers many options for managing your images along with numerous plug-ins specifically built for the gallery.

Single image placement image sized as thumbnail.. [singlepic id=116 w=70 h=70 float=]

Even on its own the Gallery is pretty powerful in that it allow you to append numerous images to the end of a post based simply on categories or tags. You can also insert galleries into posts or single images though the extra button included though your post editor. All in all this is a great option for a photo gallery to replace the standard one in WordPress.

A note on using Next Gen Gallery, I know one other plug-in that conflicts with it and it is “Smart 404” plug-in. If you know of others please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Here is a sample of a gallery usage in a post and at the bottom is the auto call to posts images related to tags.

[nggallery id=5]