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WordPress Plug-ins from A to Z Podcast Episode 14 O for Optimize Database

Dragons RuleWelcome to another edition of WordPress plug-ins from A to Z. Today is a brief podcast on a simple plugin for the letter O. Eventually everyone needs to optimize their data base and or repair it up. Well I have tested a few optimize plug-ins and found one that does it all. It is called DB – Optimize by Markus Müller. With this plug in you not only optimize your databases but you can also do repairs all without the need for using phpMyadmin which can intimidate some folk.

Some news I have been contacted by a plug-in author for a nice looking plug-in you can read about it here. I will be doing an interview as soon as I can work out a schedule with him and we will be discussing this interesting new plug-in. Note that it is currently in Alpha stage so beware if you’re an experimenter make sure you don’t place it on a live site. So Check out The Developer Tools plug-in for WordPress is the ultimate WordPress development tool by KJMeath.

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