The Set of War of The Worlds w/ Tom Cruse

WordPress Plug-ins from A to Z Podcast Episode 17 SEO Images & Smartlinks

The Set of War of The Worlds w/ Tom Cruse

Welcome to another edition of WordPress Plugins from A to Z. This week’s episode will be focusing on a couple of plugins to help your SEO and make the task a bit easier for you and more automated. Let’s face it one of the biggest grinds is doing the SEO on any website, the constant updating and searching for the right thinks to link up and the proper text to use. Well these two plugins help you by saving time on the boring repetitive tasks.

The first of the plugins I am going to cover is SEO Friendly Images by Vladimir Prelovac this is a nice little plugin to improve your image SEO. What this plugin does is to update all images with a proper ALT and TITLE tag if you have not already set one. It does this automatically by calling the post title, image file name, post category or tags.  This will enhance your images in the search world since the search engines do look at ALT and Title tags as well as for your users who will see the ALT tag when they mouse over the image.

The second plugin is SEO Smart Links by Vladimir Prelovac this is a great plugin for enhancing the interlinking of your website as well as creating external links to other sites base on certain keywords. I have found this plug in very useful in helping to increase the interlinking to deeper level inside my website, which of course search engines like Google like.

I have a great little bonus plug that I discovered while bringing in the two from above. This one is called AskApache Google 404 by AskApache a great little plugin the help with those inevitable 404 errors your site will have from time to time. As the author says “So this plugin uses some AJAX code, Google Search API'S, and a few tricks to display a very helpful and Search-Engine Optimized Error Page.” Looks to be a very useful plugin.

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