It's Episode 377 and we've got plugins for SmartLink Dynamic URLs, Ecommerce Merchant Reviews and Online Website Antivirus Protections. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

WordPress Plugins A to Z Episode 376 SmartLink Dynamic URLs, Ecommerce Merchant Reviews

It's Episode 377 and we've got plugins for SmartLink Dynamic URLs, Ecommerce Merchant Reviews and Online Website Antivirus Protections. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!It's Episode 377 and we've got plugins for SmartLink Dynamic URLs, Ecommerce Merchant Reviews and Online Website Antivirus Protections. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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Today I am reviewing three great plugins.

Sent in by Sebastion Rossi

SmartLink Dynamic URLs

The Lowdown:
This plugin redefines the meaning of a web link. It allows to insert up to five URLs to a single link, each URL selected randomly each page load. This can be used to make a more impressive internal linking strategy, an excellent tool if you have tons of content and want to link to your posts more aggressively. And you can attach several URLs to a single anchor text. useful for essential links within posts excerpts showing in top of the main page, where you can’t add another anchor text and want to use the existing one, linking to several URLs.

Rating 5 Dragons

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The next plugin for you is

Sent in by Jonathan Acosto
Premium plugin – third party service

Boltron an Ecommerce Merchant Reviews Plugin

The Lowdown:
What they have to say about it.

Boltron’s E-Commerce Reviews Platform uses order data to determine an online’s store reputation. We will explain how it works in three segments.

refund ratio
courtesy of
Refund Ratio
Most credit card processors have an acceptable refund/chargeback ratio compared to total orders for each merchant account. Any ratio above 1% is considered medium to high risk depending on the industry. Refund ratios above 2% is considered high risk and most merchants will lose their ability to accept credit cards at their store.

Our grading system use the same ratio that credit card processors use. Boltron’s platform uses the same ratio. We take the data from your store compare refunds, cancellations, and chargebacks reported by your credit card company’s ipn settings with your merchant store against the total number of orders. This accounts for 80% of your total grade.

E-Commerce Reviews
Sample Merchant Profile Grade
Customer Reviews
Unlike our platforms like, tripadvisor, better business bureau, Manta, Reseller Ratings, Angieslist, YellowPages, and etc which rely 100% on customer review; customer reviews only count for 20% of the total grade in the Boltron platform.

Why only 20%? Most review platforms that integrate with a merchant’s store spam customers days, even weeks after an order to compel the customer to submit a review. Negative reviews are typically submitted automatically. Therefore, merchants are given an unfair advantage to prove consumers that they are a trustworthy.

Data Quality Assurances
Boltron’s platform implemented safeguards to ensure accuracy. Merchants can not alter their refund/chargeback ratio data. Though merchants do have a 72 hour window of opportunity to cancel orders without affecting their rating. This is to accommodate orders that are cancelled prior to order fulfillment.

Merchant Order/Refund data is updated automatically. Therefore, if a merchant receives a chargeback from their processor and their store has IPN connectivity with their processor; once the merchant is notified of this chargeback or issues a refund; our platform updates that data within minutes.

Customer information is not gathered in the entire process. We only collect Order ID, Customer ID, Order Date, Completed, and Refund/Cancelled/OnHold that’s stored at the merchant’s store. Therefore, there is no risk of privacy violations.

Display Grade on Store Page
Customers can view their merchant’s grade through a footer javascript widget or wherever the merchant displays the widget. Customer can click on widget to view the entire merchant profile and any previous customer reviews.

The merchant profile is SEO friendly, therefore boosting the merchant’s store search engine rankings.

will be on wordpress plugin direct in a few days.

you will need to set up an account at

Rating 4 Dragons

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The last plugin today is:


Sent in by Alan Wait
Third-party service


The Lowdown:
What they say
A Professional Security Protection Plugin for WP

The WebDefender was developed by a team of security experts and it incorporates professional security tools for the best all around WordPress website protection and prevention of threats. Includes GDPR compline module.

Smart Protection / Website Hide Function (Prevent Hacker Attack / Security) / Anti-Spam Protection / Brute Force Bot Attack Prevention / Smart Firewall
Detection / Antivirus Scanner / Database Malware / Adware, Spyware, Spam Links
Diagnostic / Vulnerabilities Detection / Blacklist Monitoring
Built-in Malware Removal Tool / Security Cleaning Tool
Security Hardening / Hosting Hardening Check / Automatic Updating Function
GDPR Tools / GDPR Compliance Function

Rating 4 Dragons

Closing out this Episode The Plugins I covered where:

John’s Plugins: SmartLink Dynamic URLs – 5, Boltron an Ecommerce Merchant Reviews Plugin – 4, WebDefender – 4

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