It's Episode 596 and we have plugins for Bulk Deletion, Zero Spamming... and WordPress News. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

WordPress Plugins AtoZ Times Are Changing

WordPress Plugins AtoZ Times Are Changing

John's Intro:

It's Episode 596 and we have plugins for Bulk Deletion, Zero Spamming… and WordPress News. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

– ‘good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you happen to be hiding out there on the globe today! Coming to you LIVE from …'

Amber's Rant:

Welcome to Episode 596 – WordPress Plugins AtoZ Times Are Changing  This is our second go-round with the totally new setup! Reach out and let us know what you like or don't like in this new setup. Tell us if there is something here you think might be good, or if there is something you think should not be here.

We got an entire day of sporadic sunshine here, hoping everyone out there has been able to get outside to soak up some of that vitamin D too! It's good stuff for ya!

Some reminders before we start the show today….


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That's it for reminders, don't forget to stick around until the end of the show for some possibly life altering advice!

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Let's start the show with this weeks Featured Artist:


Daniel Paiz —

As we have not received anything new lately, we're pulling up some amazing art from our vaults! If you'd like to take a gander at the art vaults yourself, or if you have an idea for some art, head on over to

…We can NEVER have too much art!

Breaking News in the WordPress World at large!! 

…If I missed something, shoot me a link at – it may show up on the next show!

News this week:

WordPress Vulnerability Report – April 12, 2023 ( – There is a pretty impressive list of plugins that have received patches, so be sure to check them out!

The ones I recognize most easily for plugins with issues are: Optin Forms, Tiny Carousel Horizontal Slider Plus, and YourChannel – be aware of this one because there are a lot of issues that have not been patched AND the plugin is now closed, so they will not likely be closed.

And there are no new theme issues, though there are a few themes that have been patched.

Quick repeat from last week for those who didn't catch it: Twitter suspends's access to Twitter API, breaking Jetpack Social ( – if you are having trouble with your Twitter through Jetpack, that's because the api has been suspended. Be aware of this, and the fact that Jetpack has not responded to anyone regarding getting a refund.

Yoast SEO 20.5 drops support for PHP 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1 ( – be aware that if you are still on any of these PHP versions and use Yoast, you will have trouble getting things to work. If you haven't already, get your site as much up to date as you can.

Limit Login Attempts plugin patches severe unauthenticated stored XSS vulnerability ( – Translated into laymen's talk, it is a back door where attackers can get in to inject some malicious JavaScript into your site and take over your site when an administrator accesses the login page. The issue has been fixed, though if you are using this be sure to update your and your clients sites ASAP.

WordPress developers are experimenting with Gutenberg-Native AI block and content assistants ( – The developers are working with more than just the prototypical programming trying out AI as something integrated into Gutenberg. They are looking to add in chatbots, and assistants in the main directory – this could turn out really awesome, or it might turn out really terrible… I foresee people being locked out of their site because the AI sees that they have tried to login from a different IP address or something….

BuddyPress to host virtual contributor day on April 20, 2023 ( – The BuddyPress core team is hosting alongside the French WordPress Community Contributor Day in Paris on April 20, 2023. The in-person event has already filled up and they have posted the schedule already, though BuddyPress is inviting people to join them online! Check out the show notes for the link to check this out if you are interested.

WordCamp EU 2023 announces free childcare and workshop for kids ( – This is super exciting for people who may not have been able to go for lack of childcare, or for those who have kids who are interested in joining the workshop! The workshop will be on June 8, and is going to be introducing kids to the basics of WordPress, how to create a website, choose a theme, and publish content. The workshop will be open to kids between the ages of 13-16! Check out our show notes for the link to find out more information!

C-3PO style humanoid robots thrive from surge in AI development ( – A Norwegian company called 1X Technologies, formerly Halodi Robotics, recently attracted $23.5 million in a round of funding led by the OpenAI Startup Fund — the same OpenAI that got the AI snowball rolling with its ChatGPT generative AI bot.  This article dives into the whole thing in depth, explaining the bots coming our way on two legs, how the bots are doing in the early stages and how people are responding. Pretty cool article actually, well written and informative!

The Extras – check out our Facebook, or Twitter page for even more!

TeamWP launches team experience index to measure employee engagement and satisfaction in the WordPress EcySystem – (

WordPress gears up for 2nd woman and nonbinary release squad (

Digital twins could save your life – here's how (

Everything you need to know about building a career in the gaming industry (

Hackers are cashing in with hijacked IP addresses (

The AI revolution is at a tipping point (

To combat generative AI email threats, fight fire with fire (

How generative AI will transform cybersecurity (

Dragon Rating Time!

John's Plugin

WP Bulk Delete

Requires:4.9 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:24 October 2016
Last Updated:30 April 2024
(4.7 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

Cleaning up a WordPress website sometimes can be a pain in the neck. While it does not happen as much as it used to, it still does happen from time to time. Or maybe you just want to wipe out everything and start over.

This is a plugin that will help you do that. It will clean up from spam comments to infectious posts or maybe even just some junk you have added over time and want to quickly remove.

Keep in mind if you use this, make a backup beforehand as once you delete stuff it is gone for good.

One of the biggest uses I have found with this plugin has been in time of site compromises when scammers have added tons of either comments, users, or random posts.

Here is what you can do with this plugin:

Deleting posts

  • Delete Posts.
  • Delete WooCommerce Order PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by custom query
  • Delete posts by category
  • Delete posts by tag
  • Delete Posts by custom post type
  • Delete Posts by post status
  • Delete Posts by date interval
  • Delete Posts by Modified date interval
  • Delete Posts by custom Taxonomy
  • Delete Posts by authors
  • Delete Post by meta fields
  • Delete Posts by title or content. PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by custom fields. PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by any filters. PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by any conditions. PRO Version
  • Scheduled Delete PRO Version

Delete post by conditions & filters

  • Post date greater than X days
  • Post date less than X days
  • Post in date range
  • Only public posts
  • Only private posts
  • Restrict to first N posts
  • Delete permanently or just move to trash
  • Schedule deletion of posts automatically
  • Post by Category
  • Post by Author
  • Post by status published,pending etc
  • Delete Duplicate Post (coming soon)

Delete Comments

  • Delete Comments
  • Delete Comments by status
  • Delete Comments by date interval
  • Delete Comments by comment author. PRO Version
  • Delete Comments by comment post. PRO Version
  • Delete Comments by conditions & filters PRO Version
  • Scheduled Delete PRO Version

Delete users

  • Delete Users
  • Delete Users by user roles
  • Delete Users by date interval
  • Delete users based on their registered date
  • Delete Users by user meta fields
  • Assign deleted user data to another user. PRO Version
  • Scheduled Delete PRO Version

Delete Meta fields

  • Delete Post Meta fields
  • Delete User meta fields
  • Delete Comment meta fields
  • Delete Taxonomy terms

Database Cleanup

  • Delete Auto Drafts
  • Delete Trash post
  • Delete Revisions
  • Delete Orphaned Meta
  • Delete Duplicate Meta
  • Bulk Delete Post
  • Mass Delete Post

Deleting pages

  • Delete all published pages
  • Delete all draft pages
  • Delete all pending pages
  • Delete all private pages
  • Delete all scheduled pages
  • Delete all pages from trash
  • Delete all revisions pages
  • Delete all trash pages

Deleting post revisions

  • Delete all post revisions
  • Delete all page revisions
  • Delete all Custom Post Type Revisions

Rating 4 Dragons

NEW SEGMENT! WordPress Tips

This is a new segment we are wanting to bring forward, and we are looking for some feedback from our listeners. What would be most helpful and useful for you here?

Elementor Pro:

One of the tricks I have found with Elementor Pro, is sometimes when you are having troubles updating your Elementor, what you need to do is go to the Elementor site, download the latest version of Elementor Pro, and simply upload that into your site.

It seems that sometimes there is a glitch in there somewhere where pressing the ‘update' button just does not work, something goes wrong. If you upload the latest file though, the update works like it's supposed to. Seems like something is more wrong than it actually is when you are facing it, luckily it's a rather easy fix!

Yoast Breadcrumbs:

Recently I was creating  a DEV site, and needed to add some breadcrumbs. As I was using Elementor, I chose to go with Yoast. Unfortunately, I learned something regarding Yoast – when you bring the site live, and have to change from the over to the, Yoast will not automatically update. There is no place to manually change this in Yoast that I was able to find… this meant plugging in Search and Replace and double checking the tables to make sure everything was alright.

If you are wanting breadcrumbs and want to go with Yoast, I recommend not plugging in the Yoast until the site is live in the address – or just go with another breadcrumb plugin.

We have some ideas of our own that haven't caught the garage on fire, let us know what you think!

…Some random entertainment in the World of WordPress!

…Matt's Famous Quotes

…The hall of shame via Automattic:

Amber's Plugin

Zero Spam for WordPress

Requires:5.2 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:21 July 2014
Last Updated:07 May 2024
(4.2 star out of 5)

The lowdown:

This plugin is to help cut down on spam mail – though it also covers malicious users, attacks like web and port scans, brute force, and a few others too! I'm still finding new things in this one, though so far it's working really well!

Once you have downloaded and activated this plugin, you will find the settings for it on the left=hand menu under ‘settings', then ‘zero spam'. Another option is that you can simply click ‘settings' right there under the plugin name in your plugins list.

There are quite a few different ways that this plugin works for you helping to keep your site safer. To list a few:

  • No captcha, spam isn’t a users’ problem
  • No moderation queues, spam isn’t a administrators’ problem
  • Behavior detection engine able to dynamically block threats
  • Integrates with global IP reputation providers
  • Allows admins to block IPs temporarily or permanently
  • Geolocation integration to track where threats are coming from
  • Block entire countries, regions, zip/postal codes & cities
  • Optional disallowed list using splorp’s Comment Blacklist
  • Block known disposable & malicious email domains using disposable
  • Multiple detection techniques including David Walsh’s solution

You will receive this and more in the free version, though you do have an option to get a Zero Spam License they don't hold back the most useful tools for the free version which I really appreciate. You do get more protection and more coverage if you get the license though.

In the free version you have the ability to debug, create settings for users, comments, and registration. You CAN block IP addresses, though you need to manually enter them into the plugin, and make sure you enter them into the correct area.

You have the ability to link this to other 3rd parties, and are able to import/export settings from other sites you already have this set up on as well – which is useful as it's not exactly fun to go through and redo all the settings time and time again.

There are some issues that have cropped up enough for them to put the answers on their WordPress page – like the issue of people getting the ftp_fget PHP notice. There is a simple fix for this, just a little code added into the config.php file – and they give the fix right there on the page. No need to buy something first! Their customer service seems to be pretty fantastic – although there are a lot of complaints regarding the irritating notices that the plugin gives you; a little like being spammed by the anti spammer, and when you update the settings are not always remembered. I didn't have that issue when I updated, though others have mentioned it in the comments area.

Other than these few things, it seems they have done a pretty fantastic job!

When you activate this plugin, be sure to go through the settings thoroughly, and make sure you look up anything you don't fully understand – don't want to accidentally block people who are just browsing, or accidentally block the people emailing you for good reason!

Rating 4 Dragons

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Happy to have you guys back on the show.  I'm liking the change you have made where you do a more in-depth review of the plugin you have chosen.  It gives a better understanding of the plugin and has helped me more to think about when comparing other plugins to the one you have reviewed.


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WordPress Victoria Metup on May 4th!

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WP Plugins A to Z
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We also have virtual addresses too!:



Today's Plugins we covered were:

John’s Plugin:

WP Bulk Delete by Xylus Themes

  • Delete Posts – with or without filters
  • Database cleanup
  • Delete Post Revisions

Dragon Rating: 4

Amber's Plugin: 

WP Zero Spam by Highfivery LLC

  • Protect against spamming emails
  • Protect your user login
  • Block entire countries, regions, zip/postal codes & cities

Dragon Rating: 4

Q & A Time with Amber – Catch this info on our YouTube Channel

If you have questions you would like to have asked on the show, send them in to me at – let's see if we can stump my dad!

  • What changes between the PHP versions, and why is it so important to update your PHP?
  • What are the risks of keeping an older PHP version?

Questions asked after closing credits:

  • What does it mean when companies say they are no longer supporting these versions of PHP? Do they mean if your site is on that version they won't help you if SHTF, or do they mean that their plugin/theme/whatever the company creates just won't work if your site is on that version of PHP?
  • What do you do when your site breaks after trying to update to the most recent PHP version?