WordPress Plugins from A to Z – D for Drop Cap and E for Events Calendar

Tall Ship Festival in Victoria BCIt’s another WordPress from A to Z Podcast. I will be covering in this podcast the letters D and E. For “D” I will be covering the plugin that creates a Drop Cap for the first letter in all your posts and pages. It is actually a great little plug in plus it adds that cool factor to your website. You can check out the Drop Cap plugin creator Thomas Milburns’ website here.

For “E” I will be covering Events Manager Extended this plugin is a fork of the Events Manager. It is a great extension of the original. I had tried the original several months back when I was looking for a events manager plugin. I had found it to be lacking in what I needed. In fact I had been going without an events plugin because I had been trying many different ones until I found one that worked.

This one seems to fit the bill and provides many great features, including Google maps integration, RSVP for events it also provides a RSS and ICAL feed, to keep your subscribers updated about the events you're organizing. Events Manager Extended is hosted at the WordPress plugins repository: Events Manager Extended. Download … and start planning!

If you would like to check it out before you install it visit the creator Franky Van Liedekerke’s website here. You can also review the documentation here. This seems to be a well documented plugin and is actually pretty easy to install and get up and running. It only took me about 20min to install and get it up and running so I imagine most folks out there will have it up and running in about 10 min.