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WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 22 YouTube Plugins

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Welcome to the 22nd edition of WordPress Plugins from A to Z with host and cohost…. Today we are going to discuss some interesting plugins for handling how to insert YouTube Videos and more.. I would also like to make mention about a great new plugin that seems focused more towards developers but can still be useful for any one. It is a plugin by KJ Meath called Developer tools you can check it out here hopefully we will be having KJ on the show in the next week to discuss his plug in and where he see it going and how it can best be used and by who. So stick with us here and you actually start to hear some great info.  The screen cast attached to the bottom of the podcast is on plugin #3 Smart YouTube I think you will enjoy it.

First plugin is WP Youtube Channel by Bruno Neves you can get it here Plugin Page this plug in only half makes it easy with a widget but to use it in a post requires that you remember to look up the short code in the FAQs of the plugin. If you forget you will have to go back and get it. I did find that it did not always place the video properly in the site when placing into a post. But the widget works well.

Plugin 2 YouTuber by Roy Tanck you can get it here Plugin Page this plugin is simple enough. What it does is add some code to your posts that allows you to embed Youtube videos simply by grabbing the video id but again you have to remember to get the short code for inserting the video which is [youtube ] 2tLkgM1vvz8 [/youtube] (remember to remove that extra space in open tag). It does also place a little button in your editor if you use the visual editor which most people do.  It does have a couple options you can setup modifying the width and height on all video inserted so you can standardize them.

Plugin 3 Smart Youtube by Vladimir Prelovac who has been featured here before can’t remember the plugin but I remember the name. You can get the plugin here Plugin Page. This one will not only embed the Youtube videos but it will also do playlists, the HQ videos, full customization of playback (border, colours, size & full screen)it also supports video deeplinking starting a video at specific timecode. And has a sidebar widget. And they will show in your RSS feed.. The options are easy to setup.. its very easy to use simply enter your urls like this to embed a video enter url for video like this remove spaces httpvp  ://www.  youtube  .com/watch?v=2tLkgM1vvz8 … To Show off a play list enter the url for playlist like this remove spaces httpvp  ://www.  youtube.  com/view_play_list?p=B2C110E9A6E9157A

In my sightsThe one key thing to remember when using this plufg to get it to properly display is the additional letters in the HTTP part — You Need to make it either httpV or httpVP to make the most of the plugin. Beware that if a video does not have a HQ alternate then the httpVP will not display a video.

This plugin is the focus of this week’s screen cast..


And the final plugin is actually one of my favorites it is called Video Sidebar Widgets by Denzel Chia and you can get it here Plugin Page. Now this plugin is pretty old but still seems to work well. I have it working on several sites running WordPress 3.1 so I know it does work. This is not only a sidebar widget it also adds a nice button in your editor to add code for your videos.  Again all you need here is the video ID that is the last part of the url after the equal sign. You can also add videos from multiple other video sites with this plugin. I have used it to add from Vimeo and a couple others.

[vsw id=”gGLKdIYBJ7Q” source=”youtube” width=”555″ height=”444″ autoplay=”no”]