WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 26 The Letter Z the End of The Alphabet

on-the-crossI know I was away for a week and missed getting an episode out there but this will get it back on track until my next trip..

Wanted to let all our listeners and readers know about the new papers from The WordPress Rockstars Daily and The WordPress Plugins Daily

We discovered on plugin that has issues with permalinks inWordPress 3.1

Plugins for this Podcast:

Zopim Live Chat— well this one required setting up an account off site not something I wanted to do so all can say is that it looks cool–does have a free account. Zopim Widget – only one that offers a free version – good for solo

user, but to keep custom color past 2 weeks you need to pay but not to

pricy – $9-$99 monthly plans, accessible though wordpress or can use

with your instant messaging

ZaZaChat Live Chat — another one to create an account but does not have a free choice— ZaZaChat Live Chat – not accessible though wordpress, have to install a program on your comp or use there web site, kinda expensive $20 or 25 a month to use, month free only

Live Chat Software, Real Time Visitor Stats | Lucky Orange — again another account to have to create but they do offer a 2week trial.. Heat Maps, Live Chat Software, Real Time Analytics | Lucky Orange – 2 weeks free and then $7 a month, usable from wordpress, allows you to spy on visitors

ZigOut place the scarlet A on your site for the Athest out campaing..