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WordPress Plugins From A to Z Episode 30 JQuery Menus

Showcase Your TalentsJust a little side note about plugins, you may find that sometimes you will have sudden issues with your site that where not there before. What I discovered about this is that you need to recheck your plugin usage from time to time. You may have plugins that worked well together then when one or the other is updated they quit playing well together. That is when it is time to rethink the plugins your using and remove the ones that are no longer necessary.

WordPress news:

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A great big duh for custom menus, you need to look at the options to find posts and other thing..


Always room for moreJQuery Menus and More

JQuery Drill Down Ipod Menu Widget

Creates a widget, which allows you to create a drill down ipod style menu from any WordPress custom menu using jQuery. Drill down menus are ideal for managing large, complicated menus in a small, vertical, compact and fixed-sized area. They also offer a great alternative to accordion style and drop down menus. Features include – handles multiple levels, saved state using cookies and multiple menus on the same page.

JQuery Vertical Accordion Menu Widget

Creates a widget, which allows you to create vertical accordion menus from any WordPress custom menu using jQuery. Features include – handles multiple levels, saved state using cookies, add count of number of links and option of selecting “click” or “hover” events for triggering the menu. Uses the jquery cookie plugin by Klaus Hartl.

YT Tree Menu

‘YT Tree Menu' is a widget plugin that displays a menu of all pages in relation to the current page in a CMS tree style layout. The menu is filtered to only list specific pages including child pages. The blog page and posts are supported and it also has the option to exclude items and sort the menu by different columns.

Enhanced Custom Menu

Enhanced Custom Menu replaces the ‘Automatically add new top-level pages' feature of wordpress 3.0 with an enhanced version automatically adding subpages to their respective place in your custom menu's hierarchy. This plug-in allows custom menus in wordpress 3.0 to work like wp_list_pages with the ability to edit the menu from the admin menu editing interface.


SuperSlider base, is a global admin plugin for all SuperSlider plugins and comes stocked full of eye candy in the form of modules. Superslider base includes numerous modules.

JQuery Slick Menu Widget

Creates a widget, which adds a sticky, sliding menu from any standard WordPress custom menu using jQuery. Can handle multiple slick menus on each page and the location of each menu can be easily set from the widget control panel using a combination of the “location” option and the “offset”.


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