WordPress Plugins from A to Z Podcast – F for Favicon & Feedburner

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Burn Your Feeds Now!

Welcome back to the WordPress Plugins from A to Z podcast. Today I am covering the letter “F” and for the letter F I am covering the following plug-ins, Favicon Generator and Feedburner Press.

For Feedburner plugins you will need to start out by creating a Feedburner account with Google. You can do that though your Google control panel simply log into your Google account and the do a search for Feedburner Feed and that should get you there. The main plug-in you need is available for download once you have burned your feed at Feedburner.

I have also covered a couple additional plug-in here that you may want to download before you listen unless your like me and get most of your plug-ins from the WordPress codex. The plug-ins are FeedBurner Stats by DevMD.com visit thier site to get it and find out more. The other plug-in is FeedBurner Subscription Widget this plug-in is in Spanish as is their website so you need to be able to read Spanish or at least understand the gist of what is happening to use it. It is actually a pretty good plug-in.

The other plug-in is the Favicon Generator and you can visit there website to find out more about it. Please remember to support these great plug-in developers that I talk about here, cash works well for them as well as telling others about what you think of their plug-in.

Thanks go out to all the great listeners who are starting to make this little podcast a success. Please remember to leave feedback here or though my contact page.