WordPress Plugins from A to Z Podcast – J for Joomla/Mambo to WP Migrator

The TotemIt is time once again for another episode of WordPress Plug-ins from A to Z. I am now on episode 9 for the letter “J” covering the plug-in Joomla/Mambo to WordPress conversion. This is a great plug in if you have finally decided to make the move from Joomla over to WordPress or if you started a Joomla website and suddenly decided that WordPress is a better place to be, much like I have done.

Just a couple prep items you will need to do before using this plug in. First of course is downloading it Joomla/Mambo to WP Migrator. Then you need to make sure the Joomla site you’re converting from is on the same MySql database as the WordPress site you are moving the data to. If not you can do this in a couple steps.

First, create a WordPress website on the same MySql server as the Joomla site. Convert all the data over to the WordPress website. Then you make an export file from that site and import it into the site you want it at.

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