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WordPress Plugins from A to Z this week The Developer Tools Plugin by KJ Meath

Don't let your WP install be like this..

***UPDATE May 2019*** This is an archive show and the plugins are no longer available and I have dropped the links but am keeping the show and info for the archive.

WordPress Plugins from A to Z this week The Developer Tools Plugin by KJ Meath

This week is our first guest interview and we hope you will enjoy it. What we are covering is the recently released plugin called Developer Tools by KJ Meath which is a very robust plugin and can be enjoyed by developers as well as a user. Although may features might be above the regular user level there are features that will be of benefit to an average user and will allow for the removal of some plugins they may already be using.

To borrow some text from their own descriptions here is what the plugin is all about. “The Developer Tools plugin creates an admin user interface for many of the code-enabled features in WordPress and commonly used JavaScript libraries.  It also generates template code for theme development.”

From the little experimentation I have done with it this plugin is looking like it will be pretty beneficial, the hardest part I see with adopting it is remembering to use it instead of other things I have come to depend on.

Make sure you check out this plugin and don’t forget to go and visit KJ over on his page at and

Listen up nowThis week I am forgoing the regularly scheduled screencast due to time constraints on myself this week. I will be back next week with a great new screencast to educate and entertain you. BTW please forgive the audio on this podcast, seems in perfect Murphy’s Law fashion when trying something for the first time loads of things go wrong.