WordPress Plugins from A to Z Podcast Episode 11 M for MailPress

Day of the Dead CelebrationsThe plug-in for this podcast is MailPress and very good plug-in for managing your email lists to your website. You can download the plug-in MailPress here and visit the website for MailPress here. Some of the highlights are the ability to track your email and see where in the world your users are coming from. The ability to send test mails from your post page.

You also get the ability to setup specific categories for your users to subscribe to. You also get the ability to setup auto responders. Create your own custom template themes for mail outs and more.

1. Style your html and plain text mails with dedicated themes and templates.
2. Double opt-in subscription.
3. Subscriptions to Comments, Newsletters/Post notifications and even to Mailing lists.
4. Newsletters/Post notifications on a per post, daily, weekly, monthly basis.
5. Optional : full control on all mails sent by WordPress.

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  1. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Hi John.
    Stumbled across your show today and have started listening from number one. It’s late in the evening here and I’m at M.
    Excellent show, great presentation & content… and even a laugh or two (especially when you pause and take a slurp LOL).
    I’ve had to start listening online as itunes only begins it seems from Episode 16. I did a “get all” so I should have them all shortly. As soon as I’ve heard them all I will give you some suggestions, though by then you will probably have covered them all.
    Keep up the great work,
    (Cape Town, South Africa)
    PS – Your ‘about me’ page is showing a little code rather than links.

    • John
      John says:

      hi Charlie,

      Thanks for that be aware that there are some sound and audio issues in the early shows. I keep meaning to go back and fix that but have not had time. I believe iTunes only shows the most recent 60 shows is how I have it set, the early ones need to drop off anyway. The show has gone though some serious morphing over time I do hope you enjoy it as it grew and changed to what it is now. Take care and look forward to suggestions and or questions. You could also leave a speakpipe message just click red bar at top of page and record.

      John Overall

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