It's Episode 283 and we've got plugins for Automated Gallery Compositions, Better Search, Logo Carousels, Shortcodes Anywhere and a cool new plugin for taking notes in the edit screen. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

WordPress Plugins A-Z #283 Better Search, Logo Carousels
It's Episode 283 and we've got plugins for Automated Gallery Compositions, Better Search, Logo Carousels, Shortcodes Anywhere and a cool new plugin for taking notes in the edit screen. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!It's Episode 283 and we've got plugins for Automated Gallery Compositions, Better Search, Logo Carousels, Shortcodes Anywhere and a cool new plugin for taking notes in the edit screen. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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John’s Rant: What to rant about?

We have winners for the contest for the Elite License Valued at $99 for the QuizCat Plugin that I reviewed in Episode 276 and I Interviewed David Hehenberger in this show here.  Due to a technical issue we ended with 2 winners and David from Fat Cat Apps was kind enough to provide us a second license to give away kuddos to him and his team.  The Winners were Manny from and Larry from the Parliamentary Podcast
Starting today and running for the next 2 weeks and every 2 week as we are giving away Premium Licenses from Barn 2 Media for all thier plugins starting with their Posts Table Pro  enter here which was reviewed in episode 282 and an interview with Katie from Barn 2 Media
We will have more contests coming for premium licenses from generous plugin developers so stay tuned.
I also wanted to mention the WPSupport store. where you can get direct access to the best plugins we have reviewed all in one place. We do not host the plugins but provide the link to download it direct from or the plugin developer, may occasionally have an affiliate link but not too often since that adds a whole new layer of work to what I have to do already.  For developers who find value in what I am doing here please donate that value back to the show.

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Listener Feedback / Audio Clips

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United Kingdom
5 Star Review
Up to date, regularly updated podcast, useful for any one running a wordpress website, beginner or pro
5 Star Review
Great Podcast
The show is really great and useful and it should be listened to to understand why. It is not just a boring introduction to plugins. The 6 plugins reviewed is always at the end of the show and each plugin is described in a manner so the listener really get a feel if it is of any use.
United Kingdom
5 Star Review
Richard Farrar
Discover Amazing Plugins
With 1,000s of possible WordPress plugins to choose from, Marcus and John take the hassle out of it for you by reviewing a selection of useful plugins on a weekly basis. Being WordPress professionals they know what they're talking about and can separate the wheat from the chaff. Excellent podcast for all WordPress administrators.

Speakpipe Comment:

 Chris Friday Looking for a way to push posts and a way to show content via area, and a way to show stuff to people in a specific area.

**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John Overall**

Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere

Requires:3.1 or higher
Compatible up to:5.8.9
Released:11 April 2014
Last Updated:29 August 2023
(3.9 star out of 5)
The Lowdown:
Sooner or later you will be in need of having to display a short code somewhere aside from just on a post or page. You can do that in one of two ways, first by adding functions to your functions file or you can add this plugin which is much simplier. The simply go to the setting of the plugin and choose the areas you want to allow the short codes. You can choose to allow short codes in the Excerpts of a post or page, in Titles, in Widgets and the widget title, in the site title description or even in post/page custom fields. All in all this plugin has you pretty much covered for using short codes in your site.
Rating 4 Dragons

Better Internal Link Search

Requires:4.4 or higher
Compatible up to:4.8.24
Released:11 July 2012
Last Updated:02 December 2016
(5 star out of 5)
The Lowdown:
From time to time I think it is a good idea to go back and see how some of the plugins we have reviewed in the past are holding up now. This is one of those plugin it was first reviewed in Episode 121  in April 2013 and I was wondering how it was doing.
It looks like they have kept it up to date the functionality is still great in that it does a faster job of finding your links when using the add link button on a post or page, and it still includes an easy way to add links from from places like Wikipedia, GitHub, iTunes, Spotify and Codex) it is still a great plugin.
Rating 4 Dragons

Hide the Dragons

Requires: or higher
Compatible up to:
Released:01 January 1970
Last Updated:01 January 1970
(0 star out of 5)
The Lowdown:
Well we all need some fun from time to time and a plugin with the word Dragons in it just had to be reviewed. With almost no description I though ti might be a joke plugin (been caught by those a couple times now). But it is not a joke what it does it remove the editors from access keeping anyone from being able to edit plugins or theme code from the WordPress back end.. After looking at the code it looks like it also hides the dashboard nags, the plugin info links, removes the tools menu and so much more. I did find it conflicted with some plugins that depended on the Dashboard widgets but if you need to clean up an admin area in a hurry this might be for you.
Rating 3 Dragons.

**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus Couch**

STM Gallery 0.9
Requires:4.6.1 or higher
Compatible up to:4.7.28
Released:27 November 2016
Last Updated:07 January 2017
(5 star out of 5)
The plugin STM Gallery v.0.9. allows you to create original compositions of images of your media library.  It shows you the composition with the border, margin, shadow of every image as you choose. Also, if you want the images larger than their locations, and if the images appear rotated.  You can create as compositions as you want, and with the parameters you decide, and a image can be part of various compositions at same time.  Compositions can be placed into posts and pages through a shortcode. Or you can show the compositions into a taxonomy template, through the options of a menu.
Rating 3 out of 5

Unlimited Logo Carousel
Requires:3.5 or higher
Compatible up to:5.2.20
Released:13 November 2016
Last Updated:15 October 2019
(3 star out of 5)
Unlimited Logo Carousel is a wonderful plugin to show logos of your clients, partners, sponsors and affiliates and additional. The plugin is 100% responsive which means logos can show across all devices e.g. PC, Mobile, Tablet etc. perfectly. After clicking on logo, user is redirected to manufacturer page with related products. The plugins lets you configure colors, speed, amount of items to show, and a lot of other features.You can display the images in center mode in this layout one logo will show in center it will be fully responsive and fit for all types of devices like Desktop, Mobile or Tabs.
Rating 4 out of 5

Take Note
Requires:4.0 or higher
Compatible up to:4.6.28
Released:19 November 2016
Last Updated:19 November 2016
(5 star out of 5)
You can take note with this plugin. It shows up under content editor. Notes won't appear on actual pages. So visitors can't see your notes.
Rating: 5 out of 5

Plugins Overview:

John’s Plugins: Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere  – 4, Better Internal Link Search  – 4, Hide the Dragons – 3
Marcus’ Plugins: STM Gallery 0.9 – 3, Unlimited Logo Carousel – 4, Take Note – 5

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