WordPress Plugins A-Z #294 Sending Bad Bots to the corner, Techxplorer’s Plugin Listicle

It's Episode 294 and we've got plugins for Sales Countdown Woocommerce, Sending Bad Bots to the corner, Techxplorer's Plugin Listicle sounds like something from Epic Spell Wars. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!It's Episode 294 and we've got plugins for Sales Countdown Woocommerce, Sending Bad Bots to the corner, Techxplorer's Plugin Listicle sounds like something from Epic Spell Wars. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!
This week Marcus could not join me as he was pulling an all nighter on a major project and needed to sleep. I could not reschedule as I have a couple of my own major projects this week but the show goes on..

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Making money directly from podcasts is hard as you've outlined. Good ranting but I'm not sure it will be converting the great unwashed to contributing unfortunately. Anyhow, such is the way of the web.
Just thought I'd let you know about an interesting little plugin we used this week, https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-youtube-related-videos/  which automatically hides the related videos without any changes to the embed. I don't think I've ever wanted related videos on a client site, too random. I've been in meetings when a related video has shown in the clients browser that was not very work appropriate.
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John’s Rant: What to rant about?

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Well we must be doing something right we are the #1 show on Sticher for WordPress here are some reviews from sticher they are older but still relevant I think.
5 out of 5 stars.
MannyO ·
Best WordPress Podcast on the Web
I can't wait to hear each week's podcast with John and Marcus. They share info about new and existing plugins for WordPress and rate them. These guys have helped my website's functionality, improved the user experience and taken my site up a several levels with their plugin recommondations. Only problem was that at one point I had 142 plugins installed on my site. Thanks and keep up the great work!
5 out of 5 stars.
Great Show
As allways a great show and I love to listen to it while doin'g my hoovering each saturday. I would love it if you could create an “5dragons” favorit-plugin-installer-account. So everybody could install the 5dragons rated plugins using the favorit installer.
We have more to come from Sticher…..

**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John Overall**

Sales Countdown Woocommerce Addon

Requires: or higher
Compatible up to:
Released:01 January 1970
Last Updated:01 January 1970
(0 star out of 5)
The lowdown:
This add-on for Woocommerce allows you to enhance sales on your e-commerce website. You apply a timer to your sales and when displayed with a short code it shows how long until your product goes off sale. This helps create a sense of urgency and may improve your sales. a pretty useful plugin for your WooCommerce website.
Rating 4 Dragons

Blackhole for Bad Bots

Requires:4.1 or higher
Compatible up to:5.6
Released:18 February 2016
Last Updated:16 November 2020
(4.9 star out of 5)
The Lowdown:
Bad bots can cause all kinds of issues on a WordPress website and having an easy way to just send them away is a blessing. This plugin works on the one strike method by adding a honey pot link in your robots.txt file and if followed the IP is permanently banned and the will bother you no more.
There is a little bit of work to set up if it wasn't for hat this would be a perfect 5
Rating 4 Dragons

Techxplorer's Plugin Listicle

Requires:4.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to:4.8.15
Released:17 February 2016
Last Updated:06 March 2018
(0 star out of 5)
The Lowdown:
Sharing is what WordPress is all about right? Well for many anyway it is.. This plugin allows you to easily share the plugins you are using on your website by creating a nice list. Doing this will allow you to give some credit where it is due, for all those plugin developers who have helped you build your WordPress website. Its easy to setup and the default style is not too bad.
It also has a setting to hide plugins if you do not want them listed.  One of the nice features I see in this one vs plugin list plugins I have used in the past is it only shows your active plugins not the ones you have turned off.
Rating 5 dragons
Plugins Overview:
John’s Plugins: Sales Countdown Woocommerce Addon -4, Blackhole for Bad Bots -4, Techxplorer's Plugin Listicle – 5

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