Majik 8 Ball --- How is my site security?

You have a Great WordPress website. So why isn’t up to to date?

Guard your site now!It is very important that you keep your WordPress website up to date as recent events have shown again.  See these articles:

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An argument I have had with many people over the years I have been involved in the computer industry has revolved around security. It usually goes like this:

  • Friend: You should get a Mac they are so much more secure from viruses than a PC.
  • Me: and why is that is their code better?
  • Friend: well I am not sure but they are not attacked.
  • Me: Yup you’re correct there but have you ever wondered about that? Think for a moment how much smaller the market is for Macs vs. PCs.
  • Friend: that does not make much difference
  • Me: really

An I am sure you can guess the rest, in a nut shell it is simple if you are a large enough target you will be attacked it does not matter what really. This has so become true of WordPress the largest CMS platform for building a website on the internet. It has become so large that it is estimated that 25% of the web now runs on WordPress. That is a lot of web sites.

So of course the hackers, spammers and scammers have targeted this very large area. In particular it is much like Windows with multiple versions and many that are unsecure this makes for very easy targets and let’s face it the hackers are simply a lazy bunch.

Am I safe and secureBut you do not need to become a statistic and fall prey to the hackers and scammers, all you really need to do is keep your WordPress Website up to date. It is a pretty painless process you can do yourself or you can hire someone like me to handle it for you.

To complete the update simply log into your WordPress admin area and simply click the yellow bar telling you that you need to do updates and let it walk you through the process and 98% of the time it will be very smooth and have no issues. If you do have any issues please feel free to contact me at 250-885-2888 or via my contact page to get some help putting you back online.

You can also go to my WordPress Emergency Support Page for an ever growing list of tips that may help out.

John Overall

WordPress Specialist