Your Good Reputation and How to Market It

By Enzo F. Cesario

To make your business grow in the right way, many things have to be taken into consideration. Marketing and advertising your products and services are the most important. Without developing and implementing intelligent brand marketing and promotional strategies, it will be impossible to see an increase in you customer base.

Marketing is how you let people know about your products and services. Obviously, the quality of your products and services makes people come back over and over again. However, you need to do something to get new customers and that is where using different marketing strategies lends a helping hand.

Reputation marketing is one technique that can create an impact. According to this marketing strategy, you get more customers when others know about your reputation. This is another way of saying that reputation drives word-of-mouth marketing.

A good reputation is the single most valuable asset your company can have. Knowledge and experience are high on the list, but both of those qualities can be bought – you can always hire smart and experienced people to help you. A good reputation can take a long time to earn but can be lost in a moment.

As you gain a body of satisfied customers, your reputation will grow naturally. Internet reputation management will help you protect your good name online.

For the online portion of your business, you’ll have to market your products in a slightly different way than for a brick and mortar business. It is important for all business enterprises with an online presence to pay attention to search engine optimization. If you can’t do it yourself, you may want to hire qualified SEO service professionals to make specific changes to your website so it will be easier to access the site to purchase products or services. These optimizers are the people who can help you with Internet marketing and reputation marketing. Using a qualified, professional SEO service to establish a strong online presence is always beneficial to a website.

Article marketing is another way of promoting your website and products. This can build your reputation as well. If you write articles with quality information that people are searching for and submit them to directories, you will become a known expert. This will give you and your business the credibility to compete in your business arena. It will also let you gain trust with potential customers. If they read your articles and like them, they will be less hesitant in buying products or services from you.

Here are some tips to get more out of article marketing.


Content is all-important. People go to the Internet for information; they don’t want to read a sales pitch. If your articles have valuable information, people will trust and value your opinions and maybe head to your website when they want to buy. Keep to the point in your articles – brevity is best. Consider all the ways you can approach your topics for a good variety of articles. Organize your content with bullets, numbers or headings to help get your point across and make your articles more readable. And, last but not least, make sure you have a strong title that will grab readers’ attention.

Keywords and Resource Box

Before setting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, do a little research on using keywords and phrases. See what words you would type into a search engine to find information that your target audience would want. You can use these words in your article, but don’t go overboard or your article will sound artificial.

The resource box at the end of your article is the place where you can put a link back to your website. This is where you can make your sales pitch, describe your website and link back to it.

Proofread and Publish

Proofread everything. If the content you send out to represent yourself is sloppy, with spelling and grammatical errors, it will reflect badly on you, tarnish your reputation and by association, your products or services. If you aren’t a good proofreader, find some friends and listen to their comments.

Publishing your article on your website will strengthen the content of your site and will build your credibility. You can also send out your articles to online article directories. You can even cross-link by placing links in your articles to other articles that you’ve written.

Yet another way to promote your website and gain a good reputation is by using Social Media Marketing. Visit forums and discussion boards and actively participate in the discussions. You want to try to keep up with your participation; showing up and then vanishing can hurt your reputation. Make sure you include a link to your website or email in your postings. And always observe proper etiquette.

The bottom line is that your reputation is the biggest asset you have. If you do not have good reputation, it is impossible to get any success in business. People don’t like losing their money, and that is the reason they research before choosing any particular company.

If you have enough content conveying valuable information to potential buyers, you will always be able to see an improvement in your business. So, always consider the option of reputation marketing. You can either handle the marketing on your own or you can go with a professional company for assistance. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you stay aware of your online reputation and use it to your advantage.

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