Interview Show 27 with Alex Demchak of and his plugin Content Mask

Today's interview is with Alex Demchak from Third River Marketing. His plugin is Content Mask, which Marcus reviewed in Episode 340 of WordPress Plugins A to Z.

This plugin allows you to embed nearly* any external content on to your own WordPress pages or posts. The end result is fairly similar to setting up a Domain Mask, but the content is embedded into the front end of your website and is fully contained inside your WordPress permalink ecosystem.

Very useful for landing pages or adding content the current theme doesn't allow.


  • Easy to use 2-Step UI
  • You don't need to set up domain masking
  • Content is embedded in to your website

*You need to have a license to use the content. You can 301 redirect to it if you’re not allowed to embed or download the content.

Find Content Mask on the WordPress Repository. Alex's other work can be found at