This is it the beginning of the plan for a 7day camp-out/hike which is going to happen next year. The date has yet to be set but I expect it to be October or November. The information in this post will be for tracking my progress towards this goal. I have several things to do before I can make the trip though. I have to replenish my camping equipment and repair some of it, replace some of it. The biggest thing I need to do is work back up to being able to carry a 35lb pack for 7 days. I will be starting some hiking trips here soon that will help me build it up. I will have the info here to follow if you like.

Here is my info for equipment I have and what I need. I will be adding to it as I remember items and as people make suggestions for what I should have. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments section thanks.

Equipment List

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”] Things I Have
Cook set
Steel cup
Fishing pole
Xtra set of gloves
Hatchet needs sharpening
Emergency strobe
Fire started kit
Charcoal Hand warmer
Emergency Poncho
Thermal Blanket

[column width=”47%” padding=”0″] Things I Need
Eating utensils
Fire starter refill add some lint to package
10 meters nylon rope about 1/8”
Refresh first aid kit
Travel tooth brush and paste
Clips for backpack
Blow up sleeping pad
Water purifier


And on the other front for this camping trip will be the menu. I will be attempting to create many of my own dehydrated items to take along, since many of the meals you can buy are pretty pricey.  So if you have food suggestions please let me know thanks.