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Web hosting is a virtual space to users where they can add anything they want .they can interact with mass with their own http address. They can use it as a business, information resource directory, or as a hobbyist wanting to share data, information and knowledge with many people and communities on the internet.

The minimum requirement to get started is to have a computer and an internet connection. In this virtual space a person can have news, bulletins, documents, data, and files and own post office (mail server) to accept mail, in context of business.
To own this virtual space a person either has to own a piece of physical internet with a network connection to the internet backbone and computer operating as server offering access to files and post office, for people on the internet to view his website or send and receive email.

In our modern society, every person in business or with a carrier in most industries today, it is imperative to have this virtual space, not just to be competitive but to survive. Thus web hosting companies born to provide people an environment where people can have own piece of cyber space on the internet 24/7 without the great cost. They are as popular as they are the cheapest way to promote your business and earn maximum profit.
These web hosting companies split up areas on the servers, cutting the costs across many people sharing the server and backbone connection to internet.

To obtain space in web hosting a person has to become the member and agree to terms and conditions provided. It is as similar as to rent a house or a commercial premise for business. As the person becomes the member he is provided with an access code and a key. This key is in the form of login and password. It allows connecting to mail server in order to receive and send email.

There are different areas present in web hosting which have different disk space and network transfer. This amount determines that how many files, documents, and data we can have on our website.

Just as no two office building and home are same similarly no two web hosting has same environment. Some of the features and facilities likely to be offer are ranges of software’s to use components, databases.

As there is gatekeeper or a security guard to protect your home similarly on web hosting there are server administrators to protect and secure a person web hosting space. In order to do make it grow a person has to support people to help him do what he wants to do on his website.

Just like a home has different sections such as kitchen, toilet, and bathrooms .similarly in web hosting there are different components that are required to make the space workable.

The core components in web hosting are

Web server

it is a small piece of software which accept request http coded pages and images files.

Ftp server

it is means of which a web master can transfer files to and from the server. It is generally used to upload your files to the server.

Mail server

the mail server consists of POP and SMTP. Pop is where email is received in mailbox and SMTP is that is used to send and receive emails between servers.

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