WordPress Knocks Out Google's Blogger In Building Niche Blogs

Author: Brandon Hong

When it comes to building and creating profit pulling niche blogs WordPress really shines and really beat Blogger.com heads down.

If you didn't know, Blogger is a free blogging software owned by Google. You can set up a blogging account in three easy steps and start blogging.

On the other hand, WordPress is a very popular blogging software. The easiest way to install and set up WordPress would be to do a one click installation from the Cpanel of your hosting account.

Now, WordPress is more than just a blogging software.

In the past when blogging first evolved, marketers did not give it much thought…until they discovered the power of syndication through RSS feeds.

With Rss feeds, they can now reach out to a target markets they normally would not have been able to.

You can liken the Rss feeds to the different channels on the radio station. It allows your message to be broadcast to targeted groups of people. For example, classical channel appeals to classical music lovers an so on.

You can create Rss feeds with Google's Blogger, however additional setup is required.

WordPress has an in-built syndication function, unlike Blogger.com where it still needs some configuration.

In addition, WordPress has some powerful features that make it a marketer's dream tool:

(a) Automatic Pinging

WordPress will automatically ping the blog directories listed each time you publish a post.

This notifies the blog directories of your blog updates, and can bring more traffic and visitors to your blog.

(b) Categories

It might not seem like a big deal, but when you realize that you can name the category using keywords you want to target, then BAM!

It hits you like a rock. You can have multiple categories named using keywords you want to target, and write your post under that category. With proper planning and carefully spreading the same keyword in your post, you can achieve higher Search Engine rankings easily.

This is where Google's Blogger lose out.

Google's Blogger does not provide any category support. If you want to target selected keywords, you need to manually create the links and manually tweak the Blogger template.

As you blog gets bigger and you post more often, this can become a nightmare.

(c) Plugins
Plugins give WordPress additional functions and features. All you need to do is upload the Plugin file, Activate the plugin file and you're set to go.

Example plugins would include Google Adsense plugins where you can insert Adsense plugins with the click of a button. Or Chitika Ads plugins, again to display contextual ads and let you make more money with your blog.

(d) Easily change the theme of your blog (site)
With WordPress, everything is just point and click (or plug N play). You can easily change the theme and layout of your Blog without having to learn about web design.

Design is important since a good design can appeal, attract and keep your readers coming back. Changing your blog design also keeps your niche blog ‘refreshing' in terms of look and feel.

This is why WordPress knocks out Google's Blogger when it comes those serious about building long-term profitable niche blogs.

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