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User Friendly Interface

While designing your web site you should try to minimize the
information in few direct links and not have too many nested links. The
term nested here means link within another link. Your website design
should have a very efficient and appealing interface. The term
efficient in this context relates to small graphics that do not take
too long to download. The interface could have main section presented
as main menu and they in turn contain links to sub menus. Try to keep
all the main options on one single page, preferable on one single menu


The pages should be so designed that the user
does not have to wait for a long time. It is a well known fact that
most users get impatient if the page takes too long to come on the
screen and so they move on to some other site. Web users have different
types of Internet connection and machine configurations so the site has
to be such that it is efficient on all type of user machines. For
instance, if the user is connecting through a 28.8 kbps dial-up phone
line connection it will not be a very good idea to incorporate huge
graphics into the Web page. The choice is entirely yours depending on
your audience priority and design issues.

Simple and Consistent Design

Web page should be designed with a consistency and the
website layout should be simple and yet
interesting. You must not forget that most of the users come looking
for some specific information. The language, the graphics and the
overall website design should be very comfortable in its appeal. To
achieve maximum site functionality your website design should be
consistent in layout in all sections within the website. All the Web
pages within the Web site should ideally share more or less almost the
same page layout, graphic styles, and linking and navigation pattern.
The user once into the site should be able to get control of navigating
and exploring the site. Using a particular graphic depiction style you
can convey to him continuity of a particular theme.

One of our favorite website on the Internet as per
the design consistency and appeal is the site. It
has all the features, which not only makes it an attractive looking
site but also a site with user-friendly features.

Search and Feedback Service

Your Web site can be very useful if you include
search facility and feedback facility within the website. This
specially helps those users who come to your site looking for some
specific information. The user can use the feedback option to make
inquiries or just give a feedback on the website or the product. The
feedback service should be a link to the ‘Webmaster’ or ‘Webmistress’
of the site. They are the persons who are responsible for the website
and it’s contents. These features also help to get you closer to users
all over the world and they are especially very helpful to business
oriented Web sites

Designing for Non-graphic Visitors

It is important to keep in mind that there are many
users who use the UNIX shell account for browsing on the Internet. So,
it is important for you to keep this factor in mind while designing
your website. One key advantage of Web pages is that in the same
document you can incorporate capabilities that will allow a shell
account user to go through your website as effectively as for a graphic
capable connection.

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