It's Episode 542 and we have plugins for Sticky Admin, Puzzles, Escaping, Testing Chakras, Slidey Review, Ordering tests... and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Digging up the Best WordPress Plugins

Digging Up The Best WordPress Plugins

It's Episode 544 and we have plugins for Sticky Admin, Puzzles, Escaping, Testing Chakras, Slidey Review, Ordering Tests… and ClassicPress Options. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Admin Sticky Sidebar, PuzzleMe, Escape Button, Chakra Test, Review Slider for WooCommerce, Order Test For All WooCommerce……. and ClassicPress options on Episode 544.

John's Intro:

This is a value for value show and I look forward to everyone providing some value back.

Before I get started, you will want to hang around to the end of the show for our Q & A segment with Amber…. and to those listening on the podcast, you may want to check out the YouTube version which has some great discussions before the show starts…

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Amber's Rant:

This is #3 of 52 episodes for 2022! The weather here is better than it was – hopefully it has lightened for a few people out there as well!

I wanted to mention to everyone that although we have all just seen our families over the holidays, it's important to remember that you don't need a holiday to go and visit your family, or at least call them. Family and friends are an important part of our mental and emotional health, and we seem to always forget that when we get busy.

Also, all the social media – it's really not an important part of our mental health. Actually, too much of it tends to damage our mental health. Sometimes, it's okay to just be bored! Boredom is when the best ideas come up on you! My recommendation this week is to let yourself get bored!

Rinse and repeat as often as needed.

We have some news from the world of WordPress for you today as well as some great plugins

News this week:

WordPress Vulnerability Report: January 2022, Part 2 – Here is your weekly report from iThemes! The plugins to watch out for are: Contact Form 7 Skins, WooRockets Nitro, and Amazon Affiliate. Not too many worries this week! Be sure to deactivate and uninstall these plugins – there may be a patch released at a later date, but no known fix is available as of yet.

800K WordPress sites still impacted by critical SEO plugin flaw – In December I mentioned that there was a Security Vulnerability with the plugin All in One SEO;

Most recent information on All in One SEO plugin vulnerability: – The vulnerability has since been patched, and Automattic pushed out an update to its users to make sure the patch was set in place. Many WordPress sites experienced a takeover through a vulnerability in ‘All in One' SEO Plugin; the vulnerability was: “all the attacker needs to do is change ‘a single character to uppercase' to circumvent all privilege checks”. Be sure to update your site if you have not already!

State of the Word, Gravatar Breaches, Log4j, and more – From comes a great run down of what is going on within the WordPress Community, as well as a basic coverage of Matt Mullenweg's yearly speech! Worth looking at as this article talks about the Log4j vulnerability highlights, and why you are likely not to worry if you are a WordPress User, and about how Gravatar was sorta breached – essentially your email may have been exposed. Read on to find out more!

Extendify launches new Pattern Library Plugin – Extendify has simplified access to its pattern library with a new plugin that offers patterns and full-page layouts for Gutenberg friendly themes.

WordPress 5.9 to introduce New API for Locking Blocks – This will give you the ability to lock down key elements of a design and its designated content areas. It has been introduced, will now be available as part of WordPress.

Microsoft Bing releases new IndexNow Plugin for WordPress – This will allow site owners to submit URLS and get their content indexed immediately rather than waiting for the search engine to crawl the site.

Decorating pages with the Grainy Gradient Block – It appears that the grainy look is coming back to town!

The extras for even more extra news, check out our Facebook, or Twitter page!

This is the extra news stuff that someone out there might find interesting. To read more, you can head on over to the show notes or newsletter and check it out! If you find something to add for next show, send me a link at

How to disable telemetry on Windows 10 and 11 – First, what IS telemetry? If you don't know, it is a system that was introduced with Windows 10, it collects the data to improve your “user experience” and monitors your Window's Settings, system settings, and a few other things. This article will tell you how to turn it off!

GoboLinux is a Linux Distro unlike any other – For those who are big into Linux, GoboLinux was created in 2002 as a Linux distribution design space. You need to be good with command line work in order to be great with this, though it seems like it has a lot of good stuff going for it! Worth checking out if you are a major Linux person!

Cybersecurity: Last year was a record year for attacks, and Log4j made it worse – Log4j is a vulnerability that was discovered in December (Log4j is a Java library for logging error messages in applications, and it is the most high-profile security vulnerability on the internet right now, with a severity of 10 our of 10). Read on to get an idea on what this next year may look like for Cybersecurity.

Stealthy BLISTER malware slips in unnoticed on Windows systems – BLISTER acts as a malware and has a low detection rate. The way it works is: it acts as a loader for other malware by using a legit certification. If you would like to have more details, check out the article!

Half-Billion compromised credentials lurking on Open Cloud Server – “According to National Crime Agency's National Cyber Brim Unit in the U.K., nearly 586 million sets of credentials are sitting in a compromised cloud storage facility…” “A quarter-billion of those passwords were not seen in previous breaches that have been added to Have|Been Pwned.” If you use CloudFlare, you may want to check this article out to find out the details!

The Future of Ransomware – This article talks about the rise in Cyber Crime over the past year, compares what happened during the last peak with WannaCry to what has been going on this last year with things like Log4j, and how Cyber Crime is likely to shift over the next year.

Still using Chrome? Check out DuckDuckGo!! – DuckDuckGo has been focused on creating a private browser for users, and they seem to be getting it done! Check out the article to find out more!

9 Open Source Alternatives to try in 2022 – If you are like me and are still working on catching up with all the developers out there, this is a great article to check out! Has some fantastic suggestions on things to try out this new year!

5 tips for learning a new programming language in 2022 – I know I am finding this one helpful, worth checking out if you are getting into learning programming!

9 reasons techies are in love with Linux – I am still wanting to try Linux, have not had the opportunity to try it out yet though! Just these reasons alone though are enough to make me think about taking a week long vacation where I send the family out camping, and stay home just so that I can play with Linux on a laptop…

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Off we go into the meat and potatoes, Into the depths of plugin depravity…..

ClassicPress Options

ClassicPress is growing really well, but I just don't have the time to add reviews on ClassicPress myself. I am always open to reviews sent in by listeners; though unless there is a review sent into me on ClassicPress, I am not going to do more than mention that ClassicPress is a thing, and here are some resources. I hope some listeners out there find this information useful!

One thing I am looking forward to in the ClassicPress World is the expansion of the number of ClassicPress specific plugins and their own repository. There are a few plugins specifically for ClassicPress and all plugins for WordPress 4.9.9 work well on it. I do believe it has a future, I just have not time to help them in getting it out there.

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Find out more about ClassicPress 1.4.0 rc2

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“Must Have” Plugins List

It seems ClassicPress now has it own repository you can check it here they now have 84 plugins (and counting!) available.

CodePotent's plugin directory

WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for some great newly released plugins check this link


John's Plugin

Chakra test

Requires:5.6 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:31 December 2021
Last Updated:11 May 2024
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This is a plugin to help keep people on your site and doing those crazy tests. You build out a Charka test questionnaire, and then display it, and they answer it.

Rating 4 Dragons


Amber's Plugin

Admin Sticky Sidebar

Requires:5.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:05 January 2022
Last Updated:27 May 2024
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This is a pretty nifty idea – unfortunately once turned on it still seems to have a couple of bugs to fix – for instance, instead of just keeping the sidebar there beside you all the time, it seems to have this issue where, as you scroll down it flips between showing you the sidebar, to flipping it down to the bottom and you see it again once you get towards the bottom of the screen.

I hope they are able to fix this bug, as the whole idea seems really quite useful!

Rating 3 Dragons


John's Plugin

Review Slider for WooCommerce

Requires:3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.4
Released:28 October 2021
Last Updated:03 April 2024
(4.4 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

With this plugin, you can add a very nice display to showcase reviews that have been left by your users.

Rating 4 Dragons


Amber's Plugin


Requires:3.9 or higher
Compatible up to:6.4.4
Released:11 January 2022
Last Updated:02 April 2024
(5 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This is a plugin that makes it possible to create and publish Crossword, Sudoku, Word Search, Codeword, KrissKross, Quizzes, and many other puzzle types.

This IS a third party plugin, though if you are looking for something to help you get your puzzles out there than this is a great option for you!

Rating 4 Dragons


John's Plugin

Order Test For All for WooCommerce

Requires:3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to:6.0.8
Released:11 November 2021
Last Updated:16 June 2022
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This is a test payment gateway for your WooCommerce store so you can test your processes, and see if they are working properly.

Rating 4 Dragons


Amber's Plugin

Escape Button

Requires:3.0 or higher
Compatible up to:5.8.9
Released:12 January 2022
Last Updated:12 January 2022
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

A free plugin that creates a floating ‘safety exit' button on your site for you. This button was designed with sites for survivors of sexual and domestic violence in mind, and can handle both situations where the user or browser does not have Javascript enabled, and when it does.

This is a plug and play, and is totally free.

Rating 5 Dragons


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The plugins we covered were:

John’s Plugins: Chakra Test – 4, Review Slider for WooCommerce – 4, Order Test For All WooCommerce – 4

Amber's Plugins: Admin Sticky Sidebar – 3, PuzzleMe – 4, Escape Button – 5

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  • When a client (or anyone else on the server) gets locked out, can you fix it from anywhere, or do you have to be on your main computer in your own home?
  • Can you set up a server so that people have a certain amount of times they can put the wrong information into the sign in before getting locked out, or is that an automatic setting?
  • What is the main thing you need to know before owning and running a server where you host other peoples websites?

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