3 Top Factors to Consider for Web Hosting

Author: Jerry Gayle

There is a lot of information on the web about how to pick out a web host. Each site that you visit will give you the same basic schools of thought. However, there are 3 Top Factors to Consider For Web Hosting that you should take into account. These are undeniably the most important things you should determine before choosing your preferred web hosting company.

3 Top Factors

1. Reliability

• Is the web hosting company a well established business; meaning the longevity of performance over time?

• Does the hosting site have a high rating with both customers and the Better Business Bureau?

• Is there a guaranteed high percentage of uptime service?

• Can you trust that the host will provide high level security, frequent backups and data transfers?

• Is this a user friendly site so that even a beginner will have few problems getting started?

2. Cost

• Does the cost of service fit your budget?

• Are there any “hidden” fees?

• Can the plans offered fit your website’s needs with room for growth?

• Is there a money back guarantee should you change your mind about using this hosting site?

3. Customer Support

• Does the hosting company offer 24/7/365 Live Technical support?

• Are the technicians well versed and trained to assist you with any difficulties you might face?

• Will the hosting site promise to get your problem in a timely fashion?

• Is there a phone number to speak to someone instead of just emailing the problem?

• Can you easily contact support services, even for minor issues?

In order to know for sure if the web hosting company you are looking for is right for your website you must conduct extensive research. Ask questions directly to the perspective web host. If you are not satisfied with the answers you get then that should be a “red flag” about that hosting site and one that is not right for you or your business. Taking in these 3 Top Factors to Consider for Web Hosting should assist your query when you are making your final decision. Be informed and cautious. There are good quality web hosts available. It is up to you to find the source that is the most appropriate for you and your website.

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