Domain Names and Web Hosting – 4 Answers to 4 Common Questions

By Bruce Reed

Domain names and web hosting are two different things. Domain names are the “name” of the website. The web hosting is the “place” the domain name resides at, or the server the website will reside on. Here are a few common questions about domain names and web hosting and the quick and easy answers.

  1. What does Unlimited Domains Mean For a Web Hosting plan? This means that if you sign up for that particular plan, you can host unlimited websites on that ONE plan. You do not want to agree to a plan unless this is the case. You shouldn't have to pay a premium price for this feature.
  2. Do I have to buy the domain name from the hosting company I have my plan with? No you don't! You can shop around on the web for the cheapest domains, buy them with one company such as GoDaddy, and then point them to your hosting account, say at Your hosting plan, or the domain company should have step-by-step videos how to do this available.
  3. What does “free domain for life” mean? Some hosting companies will offer this as an incentive to sign up for their plan. This means you can have that domain without having to renew it each year, you own it for life.
  4. What Kind Of Hosting Plan Do I Need? If you are thinking about just putting up a website, or a few websites on the web, then a Shared plan is probably what you are thinking about. Most small businesses and individuals who don't have robust sites will share space with eachother on common servers at a hosting company. Some small businesses, or larger businesses who want more security for their websites will opt for a dedicated server plan, meaning they will have their own server. This usually means more security and control, things the common individual shouldn't worry about.

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