Can I Register a Domain Name Myself

Author: David Patullo

Nowadays, many people result to having their own sites for various purposes.

Some want to have websites as a means of expressing themselves. Others want to have one to sell their goods and/or services while some want to have one to promote certain causes such as world hunger, poverty etc. Having your own website can have its advantages over time especially when it is well-known throughout the online community.

Visitors frequently lurk in your site to see what else is new and to promote to others what you, the owner of the site, want to say.

After thinking and establishing your own website you might ask yourself, “Can I register a domain name myself?” Well, the answer is a resounding Yes if and only when you have the right equipment and proper expertise. There are specific rules and format in domain registration though if you’re willing enough, you can learn them all by yourself. It also entails having a large sum of money. Why? This is because you need your own name server computers, or what is called as Domain Name Servers (DNS) set up responding to domain name routing. DNS perform translations to be given back and forth between numeric equivalents or Internet Protocol (IP) address of a domain name and the domain name itself. Without this equipments and capability, your domain name cannot be registered.

You can register your own domain name or you can set it up via the domain name registry. Whatever you pick will depend solely on your preferences. Whatever you pick, just keep in mind that you are doing this with the purpose of setting up your own website.

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