It's Episode 624 and we have a show for Good April Fools Easter Monday... Got a bit of WordPress news but no plugins this week. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Good April Fools Easter Monday

Good April Fools Easter Monday

John's Intro:

It's Episode 624 and we have a show for Good April Fools Easter Monday… Got a bit of WordPress news but no plugins this week. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

~'good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you happen to be hiding out there on the globe today! Coming to you LIVE from …'~

Amber's Rant:

Welcome to Episode 624 – Good April Fools Easter Monday!

This is a pre-recorded show, didn't realize that Easter Monday fell on April Fools – i was kind of looking forward to reviewing some prankster plugins on the actual day of Loki – guess I will have to do that at a later date and be a little late to the party this year. Hopefully everyone is doing the fam-damly thing and enjoying some good grub! Personally I will be cooking at the time this is released for our fam-damly get together. 🙂

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Let's start the show with this weeks Featured Artist:


Sir Rogue of the Tavern – Barron of the Cowichan Valley

a something to be said about the art piece

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Breaking News in the WordPress World at large!! 

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News this week:

WordPress Vulnerability Report – March 20, 2024
( – At the time of writing this there were 186 Plugins – only 16 of them were unpatched. The way they seperate the two are unpatched at the top – at the very top is ‘HT Easy GA4 – Google Analytics WordPress Plugin‘ – this is a decenly known and used plugin with over 6000 installs – don't fall for the ‘popular so it will be fixed and kept up to date always quickly' thought process. Sometimes the least known plugins are the best for being up to date and being patched quickly.

WordPress Vulnerability Report from PatchStack
( – This is a great link we are keeping here, I've gotten used to their layout and they tend to be a bit more on the ball then SolidWP.

Synced Pattern Overrides punted, Font Library approved, as WordPress 6.5 nears release
( – This is a pretty decent in depth conversation about the new Font Library that is being brought into the core. An attempt was made at punting it again, but it managed to hang on and is being released in the core for 6.5. The main topics of conversation that revolved around the font library after the decision to release it with the Kraken was where the library was gonna be stored. (”The Font Library includes a new directory in wp-content/fonts, at the same level as plugins, themes, and more”)
Definitely an interesting read and worth taking the time to do so!

Scientists think ‘collective AI' will resemble Star Trek's Borg – only nicer (hopefully)
( – There is a paper that was published in this week's ‘Nature Machine Intelligence‘ – and in this paper researchers from MIT, Yale, and Loughborough University explained the concept of how a ‘collective AI' would resemble Star Trek species the Borg.
I mean, I don't think they are wrong! Together, the collective would turn their insights into mutual benefits, and rapidly learn to complete new tasks and respond to changes – think of our own evolution from 8 track to MP3 – now fast forward that into hours/days/weeks vs years. I'm honestly not sure how quickly they would learn and transform themselves… but it certainly would not take them as long as it took us to travel from 8 track to the MP3's we use now!
Really cool article that I recommend everyone check out this long weekend!

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DE{CODE} strikes a chord, achieves record-setting attendance
( – worth checking out! They recorded what went on at the DE{CODE} 2024 and are sharing it out!

Matt Mullenweg to deliver State Of The Word 2024 from Tokyo, Japan
( – Perhaps this will become a trend since this is the second time he will be doing this – the first will have been last year's State Of The Word which he delivered from Madrid, Spain.

Bluehost announced new Cloud Hosting built on WP Cloud

The WOrdPress Training Team's Big Changes: learning pathways and website redesign

Inside DE{CODE} 2024, WP Engine's upcoming developer conference

WordCamp Asia 2025 scheduled for next February in Manila, Philippines

Certain WP Form plugins make accessibility easy

WordPress developer docs shows off a new block-based redesign

A pilot drew something in the sky and wrote ‘See Ya' during a 6-hour flight

YouTube Livestream captures moment Key Bridge collapses in Baltimore

Explaining something difficult is… difficult!

Top WordPress website hosting companies

This startup is building AI that can fly drones and make its own decisions

WordPress Tips

Even though this isn't really a scripted show today, I do have one bit of advice that may or may not be useful for our producers out there.

Working through holidays

As much as I talk about making sure you have time off during the holidays, there ARE times when you will have to work through them.

If you're a parent, this does NOT make you a terrible, horrible parent – it makes you a parent. You are not going to make every single dance recital, art group, or PAC meeting. It doesn't matter if you are working for yourself or someone else – it just won't happen.

Sometimes you need to prioritize – if there is a family get-together coming up – like Easter Dinner – and you know you aren't going to make it, spend some extra time with those who are going to be there beforehand. In this way, you are not really going to miss out on much as you will have seen these people in the weeks leading up to the holiday. this will do two things:

1- remove the guilt you will likely feel over not making the dinner.
2- get you spending time with your family more often. Even if it's only to make up for missing a dinner, one on one is often better anyways.

And make sure if you're a parent that you spend some time doing something with the kidlets before your working holiday comes up as well.

All bases covered, you are now ready to spend the entire long weekend cooped up in your office/living room working your rear off without any inturruptions – hopefully.

Working the holidays does happen – you just gotta pick and choose how it will impact you and those around you.

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Chatter about wordpress

Information on the new release that was supposed to come out

Seems it is delayed – seems that the release is now due for April 2nd, 2024

Also a bit more on whats coming down the pike for us with WordPress 6.5

Cwicly's unexpected farewell: Founder decides to discontinue development
( – Cwicly's founder Louis-Alexander Désiré has announced that the team is discontinuing the Cwicly development “after much deliveration and soul-searching”. The reason that everyone seems so surprised is because “Cwicly is the only builder currently that interacts directly with the whole Gutenberg ecosystem and adds specialized blocks that are complemenatry and fully compatible with Gutenberg.” – as the description in AppSumo states.
The reasons stated are due to “the relentless onslaught of destructive posts and comments by certain WordPress influencers”. and “Personal attacks on both myself and team members have been made and openly tolerated throughout. The negativity and hostility directed towards Cwicly, especially in comparison to other page builders, have taken a significant toll on our morale and motivation.”
And this is not something that has not been talked about or mentioned before – I don't know how many plugin and/or page builder developers have just up and quit because of attacks from WordPress Influencers. This article does its best to go through and debunk any misinformation here, though I doubt they have the whole story. We looking in never get the whole picture, just snippets of it.