Creating Joomla Templates

By Jared Runcorn

Sometimes you may want to create your own Joomla template. It may be that you can't find that special layout that reflects your company's image in the manner that you would like. By being able to create your own design, you open up a whole new range of options.

Before you start creating your Joomla template, you will want to have some idea of what you want. Don't go into it blind. You can use a variety of programs that will let you sketch out your ideas, similar to Photoshop, or you can even just sketch it with a pen and paper. It really doesn't matter what you use, just get your idea layout down so that you can refer to it when needed. This way you won't leave out any aspects that you really want to include. You will make sure that all of the look and features and elements are there.

Next, you will want to decide what type of look that you want. There are actually two types. The first type allows your template to fit the browser. It will adjust its size to fit appropriately. The second type is a fixed sized template. There is no adjusting; it will always be the same size no matter what. With the fixed sized design, you will want to decide what the dimensions you will want it to be and where you want to place the different aspects. Just remember, with an adjustable design size, when someone maximizes the screen it could cause distortion in certain elements. So if you choose this type, make sure the other elements that you will be using will adjust accordingly.

Now, you will need to determine the layout that you want. Decide what will go where and the like. Once you have decided this, next you will want to convert your vision into HTML code. This is where designing and making your own template can become a headache. You will also probably need to write a correlating CSS code to go along with it. At this point, if you need help, there are a variety of websites that can teach you how to write either code. The websites require interaction on your part to make sure that you are doing it right. You can also find websites that can teach you step-by-step how to work and write your own Joomla design. It teaches you what goes in which directory and the like. Remember, all aspects of the coding and the directories, as well as files, need to work together and if you leave an important part out, more than likely, it either won't work right or won't look right.

After you have incorporated all the basics into your design, do a trial run to make sure that everything is working together and done the way that you want. If it is, you will be able to continue with adding modules and the like. If it's not, this is the perfect time to go back and fix it before all the access codes of modules and plugins interfere with the normal codes.

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