Ahkonsu, Tefnuit & Jadiwan starting out lev 32

Crusaders for NuTemple Episode 15 World of WarCraft Podcast

Ahkonsu, Tefnuit & Jadiwan starting out lev 32Crusaders Podcast 15

Warcraft news from the world:
All the World's A Stage: So Sue me

Our Week outside WarCraft:

John: been a pretty busy week doing some work for my part-time job. Spent some time working on my website and editing some of the audio files we use in this podcast. I am also working on some sponsor bumpers and regular commercials. So if your interested in getting promoted here let us know.

Laura: I has a busy week, continuing to learn and work with WordPress. Started a new project that I had been looking forward to, means some new stuff to learn.

Tefnuit’s in Game

—–> What I have been up to in game past of week: We finished up the quests in Arathi Highlands area and ventured over to the cape of Stranglethorn Vale. I was able to work on my fishing and cooking some this week. I was unable to to any anchelology in that area, it appears that the random areas are different for other players, or maybe its just other races. We picked up the quest for Arathi Basin and went in, however we did not complete the quest the one time so we will have to go back for it.

Ahkonsu’s in Game:

—-> What I have been up to past week in game: We had to postpone game night by one day due to me injuring my back. We did manage a 6 hour gaming session in which we made it to 32 and a half..I had not done my dailies this past week just sort of kept up on the auction house to keep the gold flowing for us. I did start my dailies again today though and since I am in orgimar this time I will keep doing the cooking and fishing daily. I did finally start running my game in a windowed environment instead of full screen. I though I would see how my machine handled it. Seems it does quite well and allows me to have the game running doing my auction stuff and getting my work done. The best kind of multi tasking.. Did some leveling of my professions also found an artifact for archeology

Final Notes for closing topics ect:
Talk about our Guild and what we are looking for.. We have three people in our little guild and we are looking for 2 more dedicated players who can be flexible with the game night changing from time to time.

Our Guild name is to be NuTemple We will have only five players to start with.
Toons in Guild.

Rogue – Skinner/Leatherwork
Priest – Taylor / Enchanter
Paladin – Blacksmith / Mining

Toons we need
Hunter – Alchemy / Herbalist
Mage – Inscription / Herbalist  or  Jewlcrafting / Mining

Our goal is simple play a session once a week for 3 to 7 hours depending on what we can accomplish and when everyone connects. We will use skype or vent to talk, We expect all players to have done their training and other stuff outside the gaming session. The gaming session is for pure questions and dungeon's and battlegrounds. And some other things we expect and rewards for being in the Guild for all of that you will need to listen to the podcast.

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